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History: 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. The war started today, April 12, 1861 when shots were fired at Fort Sumter.

Over the years I've attended Civil War reenactments, thanks to my Dad, who is part of a reenacting group. The cannon on the left in the picture above? That would belong to my Dad. It sits on his driveway under a blue tarp, lol.   My family and I always knew my Dad was a history buff, but never knew to what extent until one day he came home and came into the house, shouting, "Come see my new toy!"  His toy turned out to be an original 1863 cannon.  @_@

Well, in memory of the war, I uploaded some of the pictures I have over at lil_zebra_media and you can find them here

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