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In Which Piyo is Sore

I thnk I'm getting sick, and that is NOT cool with me.  On Monday I was at Montessori in the Infant and Toddler room and believe I picked something up there. Normally, I catch the stomach flu every time I work there and it's going around, but thankfully it wasn't. And I should count my blessings that I missed the pink eye that had been going around too. Ah, to work around children.

Sunday was my only day off this week. Monday and Friday will be my Montessori days and the rest of the week I'll be at Borders. Yesterday and today I was in at 6am, helping to clean, move product, pack and ship books, etc. Actually, I had a lot of fun today, and enjoyed the work. What I didn't like, was hurting my finger. Well, it wasn't too bad, but I bent one of my fingernails back as I was moving a box, breaking the skin underneath and it started to bleed...yeah, it hurt. Now, though, my finger is just a little sore and I have a bandaid on really to help remind me to be careful with that finger.

Now, though? I think I'm going to take a nice warm shower and then take a nap.

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